Thursday, September 12th

Preschoolers made PIZZA!!  We all found out together what we like and don’t and different ways to make pizza!  We reenacted The Three Billy Goats Gruff for the final performance!

A huge Thank you to Leaning Tower Pizza and The Dad who brought it in and helped create pizzas with us!!


Tuesday, September 10th

Preschoolers took the stage and presented their banners all about Themselves!

We continually work on identifying their name and the first letter of their name!  Our table activity was to find and write their letter/name on the table!

Thursday, September 12th we will be making pizzas!  I’m using food as a prompt for preschoolers to learn about their peers finding similarities and differences, likes and dislikes, things we have in common!

Friday, September 5th

One of our learner profile words is Knowledgeable – Students will become more knowledgeable about themselves, their peers, and their respective groups through the question of the day and, including their similarities and differences.  One way Preschoolers expressed this and heard more about this is thru their pennants!  Each student went on stage and used the microphone and presented and talked about them self and there likes!  We had a whole lot of Risk-Takers today!!


We also are started to inquire into similarities and differences starting with books The three Billy Goat Gruffs and Three Triceratops Tuff.   Preschoolers first made observations by only looking at the covers and backs of the books. I then read each story through-out the day and they told me a similarity or difference between the two!