Tuesday, November 19

Preschoolers worked very hard on painting the castle.  I will continue to build on their idea for our pretend center!

Please mark your calendars for important dates-

NO SCHOOL Wednesday, Nov 27- Friday, Nov 29 for Thanksgiving.

On Decemeber 18th Preschool and PreK will conduct their Winter Concert at 7pm

Book Fair- Thursday thru Wednesday, December 12th-18th


Thursday, November 7th

Thank you Mystery Reader for reading us two great books!

Coming up next week,

Our central idea is: play invites opportunities for communications and discovery.

I was asked and if we could have a campout, so my question to them was what does a campout look like?  In conclusion, we are going to build a large fort.  Next week can you please send in with your child a sheet or lightweight blanket?  Thank you in advance!

We also have been working on writing letters to our PreK friends inviting them to come and have center time with us. This is a great example of preschoolers taking agency- voice, choice, and ownership!