Friday, April 3rd

Happy Friday, enjoy the sunshine!


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madi worm house
Madi dug up some earth and created a worm house!!

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Emerie’s rainbow colors she used to color her Rainbow Castle!
Emerie’s beautiful rainbow castle!!
Emerie’s Elsa!

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Friday, March 27

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

Next week will be SPIRIT WEEK for Discovery School! Let’s connect by dressing in the following themes each day. There will be a daily “call for pictures post” on the Discovery FB page where you can add your pictures in the comments. Don’t have FB? Send a pic to your child’s teacher.

“Maui Monday”- dress in your Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, or beach attire.

“Too Tires Tuesday”- stay in your pajamas or rock your robe & slippers.

“Wacky Wed”- mismatched clothes, crazy hair

“Disney Day” Thurs- dress as your fave character

“Dress for Success” Friday- suits/ties, fancy dresses, fix your hairreagan ---5reagan -5reagan 5IMG_9126 3IMG_4561IMG_4559IMG_4557IMG_4555IMG_4554IMG_9605 (1)IMG_9598 (1)IMG_9590IMG_6903IMG_6902IMG_6901

gage painting
Gage and his sister’s paintings!

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Thursday, March 26th

I have placed our bird feeders outside and will continue to check on them throughout the day!  Thank you for all your help!

Go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!IMG_669420200325_154340IMG_6350IMG_6366 (1)IMG_6399IMG_6366IMG_6593IMG_6478reagan ----4reagan ---4reagan --4reagan -4reagan 4Vivian 4